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Vossen's Plankton sieves
  • Vossen's Plankton sieves

    Plankton sieves are a crucial tool for managing any zooplankton culture. Plankton sieves come in multiple sizes, allowing you to sort you plankton by size for starting new cultures or feeding delicate larvae.


    We carry multiple sizes, such as:


    • 25 Micron - Ideal for collecting Parvocalanus naups, as well as other copepod species naups. May be used to collect larger ciliates. Best when used with a 55 or 75 micron sieve.


    • 55 Micron – Ideal for managing rotifer cultures. Simply pour your culture through this sieve to separate your rotifers from the dirty culture water, thus reducing waste and ammonia going into your larval tank or reef tank.


    • 75 Micron – Ideal for collecting sub adult and adult copepods from your culture. Does not harvest eggs or naups. Use with a 25 micron sieve to collect naups for extremely small larvae, or starting new cultures.


    • 100 Micron – Ideal for removing detritus and waste from cultures, or removing only the adult copepods from a culture.
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