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Vossen's Larval trap
  • Vossen's Larval trap

    VOSSEN LARVAL TRAPS ARE MADE TO ORDER. Expect about 2 weeks for orders to ship.  The Vossen’s Larval trap is an essential tool for any marine breeder, from beginner to advanced. The trap works by luring the larvae to the opening of the trap with an LED light lure (included!), and sucking the larvae into the trap with an air lift, trapping the larvae in the holding compartment until you retrieve them. This trap works for any phototrophic larvae, such as clownfish, gobies, gramma, damsels, blennies, dottybacks, shrimp, crabs, and many more. This trap is essential for some species that are not easily collected with other methods.  All you need to operate this trap is an air pump, which most aquarist have available. Questions? Please contact us at this video to see how the trap works!
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