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  • Salt

    I am offering various salt options at a discount and free delivery to people that have bought salt from me already.

    The site does free shipping over $200, otherwise you're payin me the $7.50 for delivery.


    Tropic marin pro reef - 160 gallon $80

    Tropic marin Classic Sea Salt - 160 Gallon (Box) $75

    Aquaforest Sea Salt mix 200 gallon bag $50

    Nyos PURE Salt Mix - 20kg Bag $70


    10 bags of Aquaforest sea salt $450


    I no longer have access to the pricing that I used to have, BRS closed that perk when aperture took over. This page isn't public, as I'm not delivering or shipping salt to California, lol. Also, anything else on the BRS site you need let me know I probably have enough margin to offer it at a sale price.


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