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We have been growing rhodomonas with the help of a few partners for several years now. This is one that is finicky, prefers cooler temperatures and lower light conditions. We grow it at 70-75 degrees with one T8 grow lamp, with paper towel to diffuse light. It's important to note that when your culture is looking it's best, it'll probably crash in two days or so. Always important to keep fresh cultures actively growing with this one. I'd consider this phyto more advanced. 


I'm pretty sure this is salina, but we've had it so long I don't recall. 


Rhodomonas will increase copepod output, and is also extremely useful in sea urchin culture. 


Must select overnight shipping with rhodomonas, this one is finicky and doesn't handle many days in transit very well. Most of the time this phyto is ready to ship, but if we are just starting new cultures, it may take a week before ready to ship. 

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