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Potters Angelfish harem (5)

Potters Angelfish harem (5)

Pending a possible sale. Will update Wednesday morning if not sold. 


Spawning group of 5 potterns angels. 


We are selling our group of potters angelfish. These were purchased from Hawaii the week before collection was closed, and have been in my care since. This is a group of 5 angelfish, 1 male and 4 females

These fish are not available from the wild at this time. Limited availability of captive bred potters have recently become available, but are tiny and may have slight defects. This is your chance to get perfect adult potters angelfish. 


Overnight live arrival is guaranteed. If there is a delay, the fish are packed well enough to survive a few days in transit if worse case happens. If there is a delay in shipping, I will extend my live arrival guarantee to 48 hours from delivery. In the event a fish doesn't arrive alive, a refund or replacement will be offered. If the angelfish is not well on arrival, please send video and we will give it a week to recover. All DOA claims will need photo or video on request. 


If you need more photos or video of the fish, please contact me directly. We are shipping out of Minnesota. I have been shipping live fish and invertebrates for almost 10 years and can ship with confidence. 

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