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Parvocalanus Crassirostris Copepods

Parvocalanus Crassirostris Copepods

Parvo copepods are the latest innovation in marine aquaculture. If you're raising angelfish or clownfish, parvocalanus will drastically improve your results. 


These copepods require live T-iso phytoplankton. We recommend ordering enough T-iso to keep the parvo fed for a week while you get a culture established. We recommend 1000ml phyto to get started. 


Our parvo copepods are cultured in 44 gallon brute trash cans with gentle aeration. Water flow is gentle, allowing detritus to settle. Dirty water will harm the culture. Feed only enough t-iso to lightly tint the water, allow to clear between feeding. 


This copepod is primarily used for aquaculture. May be used as a live feed for seahorses and pipefish. This copepod will not survive in a reef tank. 

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