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Ninja Star Astrea snails
  • Ninja Star Astrea snails

    These snails, while similar to the common astrea star snails, feature distinct, prominent spikes around their shell's edge for most of their lifespan. They grow significantly larger than typical astrea snails, reaching up to 2 inches in diameter when fully mature.

    Habitat-wise, these snails share their environment with other astrea snails. However, they are quite rare and are found in limited numbers. Their diet is versatile, including various thin film algae, hair algae, and other nuisance algae, though they typically do not consume coralline algae, caulerpas, most calcareous algae, or many fleshy macroalgae. They might nibble on larger algae types, but usually only if other food sources are scarce.

    Not only are these snails practical for algae control, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of an aquarium. Combining them with regular astrea snails can add diversity and visual interest to your tank setup.

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