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Emerald crabs
  • Emerald crabs

    The Emerald Crab is highly regarded for its scavenging prowess, eagerly consuming leftover meaty foods and various forms of algae. Unlike many other creatures, Mithraculus sculptus specifically targets bubble algae, aiding in the maintenance of a clean aquarium. Its identifiable features include a flat, shiny green body and hairy legs, typical of the species. Originating from Caribbean reefs, this crab is nocturnal, seeking refuge in caves and amidst rubble during daylight hours.


    Aquarists often supplement the Emerald Crab's diet with dried seaweed, frozen foods, and high-quality pellet fish food. When adequately nourished, these crabs exhibit high tolerance toward tankmates and are well-suited for reef environments. However, like other invertebrates, they are sensitive to copper-based medications and water parameter fluctuations.


    They range in size from 1/2" to 1-1/2" when purchased.

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