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Clean Chaetomorpha Algae
  • Clean Chaetomorpha Algae

    Vossen Aquatics' Chaeto Algae is grown in a regulated environment that enables us to treat and quarantine it, significantly reducing any chance of unwanted parasites or intruders within the algae. Chaetomorpha algae, a green macroalgae, can grow rapidly under the right conditions and consumes nitrates and phosphates as it expands, lessening the nutrient availability for undesirable algae. Its tangled, spaghetti-like cluster is a perfect habitat for small beneficial benthic creatures like copepods, isopods, and amphipods. Many hobbyist use a refugium setting to cultivate the algae in the sump for easy growth management and harvesting. Another major advantage of growing Chaeto is its capability to help moderate your aquarium's pH levels by utilizing a reverse photo-period from your display tank. Using Chaeto as a natural nitrate and phosphate control method has proven to be an effective way to manage your tank's nutrients without resorting to chemicals.


    Five Sizes Available:

    1oz (approx golf ball size)
    2oz (approx softball size)


    Chaeto Algae Maintenance

    The main maintenance task for this algae is to harvest it when your refugium becomes full or if it starts to become too efficient at nutrient consumption. Each saltwater aquarium varies, making it hard to give a specific timeline. However, most aquarium enthusiasts prefer to harvest small amounts regularly instead of one large harvest infrequently. Regular, smaller harvests promote more stable growth and nutrient uptake rates.


    PLEASE NOTE: Vossen Aquatics takes extensive measures to treat, quarantine, and eliminate any unwanted parasites, hitchhikers, and other organisms from their macroalgae. However, we cannot guarantee that it is completely devoid of anything unwanted. This is because, occasionally, spores, eggs, etc. can stay viable but not visible despite a strict quarantine procedure. Therefore, we always advise you to properly quarantine any new addition to your tank.

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