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Blue tuxedo urchin (5 pack)

Blue tuxedo urchin (5 pack)

(5  pack) Aquacultured red tuxedo urchins (Mespilia globulus)


These urchins require overnight shipping. Do not select 2-3 day shipping.


You will receive 5 small blue tuxedo urchins, aproximately dime size.


These blue tuxedo urchins (Mespilia globulus) with red spines, have been cultured at the Augsburg University marine breeding lab by students under the guidance of Professor Bill Capman and Vossen Aquatics. Part of the sale will go back into funding the student researchers for continued projects like this. Urchins are shipping at about pea size or larger. The perfect size for cleaning between frags and hard to reach areas of your aquascape. Urchins will grow quickly, reaching adult size in just a few months. 


Urchins will typically ship Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday.

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