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Blue Hypnea (Hypnea pannosa) Macro Algae

Blue Hypnea (Hypnea pannosa) Macro Algae

The Hypnea pannosa, also known as Blue Hypnea, is a captivating algae that boasts a lustrous, blue hue. Despite bearing a resemblance to the Ochtodes sp. algae native to the Caribbean, it actually hails from Micronesia and features a subtly different structural form. Blue Hypnea develops into thick, tangled clusters that lightly attach to coarse surfaces. Due to its relatively slow growth rate, managing its spread is fairly straightforward. For the best results in terms of color vibrancy and development, we suggest providing a moderate to high level of full-spectrum light.


You will receive a 1.5-2" clump of Hypnea in your order. 

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