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Astrea Snails

Astrea Snails

Our Astrea Snails, scientifically known as Lithopoma tectum, are versatile algae-eating champions for marine aquariums. Also referred to as star snails, turbo snails, or algae eater snails, they're roughly the size of a Nickel and possess a keen appetite for a wide variety of algae types.


These snails are particularly skilled at consuming thin film and encrusting algae, but they're also effective against hair algae and other nuisance algae. While they generally leave coralline algae, caulerpas, calcareous algae, and most fleshy macro-algae untouched, they may graze on some of the larger algal types if they're especially hungry. However, they aren't effective against bubble algae; if that's a concern, consider adding green or red mithrax crabs to your tank.


To ensure their well-being during shipping, your Astrea Snails will be carefully wrapped in a moist paper towel for their journey to your aquarium.

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